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Quontic Bank’s S.A.F.E. Act Policy

Under Quontic Bank’s S.A.F.E. Act Policy, the following is a list of our loan officers' NMLS identification numbers and contact information:

NMLS ID Loan officer name Email address
162388 Aiello, Brian Christopher
67756 Aiken, Ivan D.
128834 Allen, Joseph Anthony
1004905 Almeder, Scott
 6439  Balmer, Richard 
1763260 Barnes, Alissa Elizabeth Mae
1759447 Bland, Angela Joy
38416 Bocelli, Michael Paul
 328129  Bognar, John Keith
342332 Brazier, Connie June
 1643007 Brooks, Eva Taylor
1436204 Brown, Williams
 1760912 Busboom, Ryan Jay 
1673342 Carter, Christopher Dee
1673342 Carter, Michael Thomas
1195768 Chen, Jerry Gang
1727771   Choi, James
1648458 Donoho, Jennifer Claire
333577 Duran, Ramon Jose
1202867 English, Darrin Quentin
1726230 Epps, Zachary
1740496 Farr, Evan
1706511 Faust II, Joseph
1742073 Friedlein, Jesse
1625723 Galletta, Michael Ryon
 1762856 Garrabrant, Craig 
940912 Garrett, James
484915 Giraldo, Liliana
1042645  Goodard, Nigel 
323749 Halvorson, Richard E.
1543789 Hardin, Megan Ann
 175778 Hentrup, Mark Steven
 1771737 Hernandez, Joel
97880 Ho, Steven
112025 Holsworth, Thomas Andrew
658690 Hope, Kimberly
1776292 Hunter, Cody
1591980 Jenkins, Ryan Marshel
1310451 Kim, Jae
1601060 Leath, Audra Makenzie
 1747722  Lee, Andrew Kanghoon
113012 Lev, Melvin O.
641254 Lombardo, Edward
1778014 Lorenze, Joshua
154117 Markou, Andreas
62591 Melia, Frank
1016715 Mendez, Angel L.
 1758947 Melendez, Elizabeth 
51921 Menard, Jean Frantz.
278614 Merritt, Ryan P.
1704916 Morrissey, Jordan Michael
1623883 Neiman, Chelsea Rae
1158090 Nhuyen, Thu-Hang Kelly
1772396 Nhuyen, Ly Hoang Nhat
1444977 Olson, Robert Alexander
1720047 Ornelas Jr, Frank Richard
 232826 Park, Gye 
 1522416 Pyo, Connie 
68151 Rehman, Abdul
397944 Reich, Wendi
19593 Richman, John
1716077 Robison, Kurt David
1028377 Ruiz, Hildeliza
1425574 Sahlhoff, Jacob Devon
1616048 Saleh, John F.
3800 Saxonis, Irene Pappas
6413 Saxonis, Dean
1647998 Schnall, Harris
1662945 Schweitzer IV, Louis Henry
 1766273  Scudder, Kelly Eileen
912156 Seidman, Victor Scott
182021 Shell, Jason Kent
84366 Stilianudakis, George
1662945 Schwitzer IV, Louis Henry
65111 Smith, Robert Timothy
 1746174 Tan, Minh Tuan 
729508 Tariq, Danial
 1746787  Thai, Ryan 
 1759626 Wann, Andrew Christopher 
65111 Weldy, Dayne
1566202 Weng, Ying-Chan
1442591 Wigbels, Lawrence G III
141836 Wilson, Phyllis Lynn
1514974 Willoughby, Jeffrey Robert
1201750 Wollak, Matthew Ryan
138701 Wilbanks, Walter D.
 1514974 Willoughby, Jeffrey Robert 
141836 Wilson, Phyllis Lynn
 1201750 Wollack, Matthew Ryan

Disclosure: Under Quontic Bank's S.A.F.E. Act Policy, the following is a list of our loan officers, including NMLS ID number & contact information. For more information, contact us.


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